Use the storytelling phrases

FCE Writing Part Two 

Use as many of the phrases below as you can to continue the FCE story that your teacher gives you (just speaking for now).

(completely/ somewhat) unexpected(ly) (dis)appeared  (in order) to 
(in) the (very) next moment  (it looked/ seemed/ appeared) as if/ as though (much) earlier 
(much/ a little/ a fair while) later (that day/ week/ month) (right) in the middle of…  (the) previous 
(un) surprisingly a (little) while later/ after a (little) while accidentally/ by accident
after that/ next/ then  almost/ nearly arrive/ reach
as (he had) expected/ predicted/ promised as if by magic as soon as (the words left my mouth)
at (exactly) the same time/ while at (just) that moment by (total) coincidence/ coincidentally/ by chance
became/ got  assumed… because of that/ for that reason
by the time…  consequence/ effect deliberately
despite his/ her/ my/ our/ their (initial) misgivings at last/ eventually/ in the end finally
for (just) a moment/ second  had + been + PP found that…
had (already/ just/ nearly) started/ finished(…) had + PP happen 
at once/ immediately/ right away/ straight after in (actual) fact in the time it took to…



glanced (at)/ looked at/ stared at it lasted… had been + v + ing
it took  it turned out to… luckily/ by a stroke of (good) luck/ (good) fortune
meanwhile/ in the meantime  on purpose  out of the blue
so should(n’t) have managed to/ succeeded in 
so… that…  still strange(ly)
all of a sudden/ sudden(ly)  to his/ her/ my/ our/ their (complete) surprise threatened 
to his/ her/ my/ our/ their relief (un)fortunately until
was dreading  was looking forward to without (any) warning
warned  was/ were + v + ing was passing
was wearing  was/ were + PP without (him/ her/ me/ them/ us) noticing/ realizing
without thinking the following/ next… I’d never 
attempted/ tried was/ were (just) about to… when… (was) interrupted 


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Use the storytelling phrases FCE Writing Part Two

2 Responses to Use the storytelling phrases

  1. KuminKueche says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing!!

  2. alexcase says:

    I should probably point out that this is no longer relevant for FCE Writing, as there are no more stories in Part Two. For more worksheets on storytelling generally see:

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