Which prediction? Whose prediction?

Make a prediction about one of the things below without saying which one it is until your partner guesses which one you are talking about
Property prices
Economic growth
Your hair
Your weight
Your finances
The end of human life on Earth
Humans living on the moon/ Mars/ outside the solar system
Your happiness
Air pollution
Number of cars
Number of university students
Standard of education
Young people
People’s morals
Working hours
Age of retirement
Choose another thing that isn’t on the list and do the same thingChoose one of the people below and give some typical predictions that they would say until your partner guesses who you are pretending to be
A palm reader
A stockbroker
Someone reading tarot cards
Someone analysing your blood type and that of your boyfriend or girlfriend
Liberals/ socialists/ left wingers
Conservatives/ Tories/ right wingers
A political analyst
An incorrigible pessimist
An incorrigible optimist
An insurance salesman
Someone involved in a pyramid selling scheme
A cosmetics ad
A daughter describing her fiancé’s plans and prospects to her parents
Indulgent parents (= parents who spoil you)
A nagging mother
Parents who are ambitious for their children
Parents who want their children to do what they couldn’t

You are going to listen to a mother and father talking about their child’s plans. What are their child’s plans and what do they think about it?


PDF version for easy saving and printing:Which prediction Whose prediction

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