Challenges 1 Modules 1 to 3 vocabulary mimes

Story books vocabulary


greedy burst grow tasty
burn ill nibble crunchy
curl up disappear Granny purse
brave scratch tiptoe snore
fist claws stroll tusks
knobbly knees hide laugh tie
sleeping bag tickle howl shiver
hop a tear sneeze cough
jaw cheek chin ankle


Animal vocabulary

falcon buffalo duck goat
lizard tortoise seal whale


Feelings vocabulary

thirsty bored upset drunk
relaxed worried broken hearted confused
surprised excited disgusted nervous
tired sleepy dizzy’ scared/ frightened/ afraid
horrible great interested angry/ furious


Body parts and appearance vocabulary

belly/ stomach/ tummy thin face ponytail round face
square face medium length hair shaved head tattoo
armpit toe big toe index finger
ring finger palm throat thigh
calf strong arms slim


Classroom vocabulary

stapler rubber band torch fire alarm
fire extinguisher door handle


Interests, abilities and sports vocabulary

drawing painting pottery athletics
bicycle maintenance photography dog training use a mobile phone
hockey ice hockey horse riding gymnastics
aerobics rugby badminton acting


Routines vocabulary

brush your teeth do the dishes do exercise do the housework
empty the rubbish bins get up go to bed make your bed
play cards tidy your room wash your clothes study for a test


Jobs vocabulary


actor/ actress builder cook dentist
fire fighter football manager mechanic nurse
racing driver secretary vet window cleaner


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