Transport vocabulary games, worksheets and songs

A mix of stuff for adults and young learners, but should be obvious which are which. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 19 June 2022

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Lists of useful transport vocabulary

British and American transport vocabulary – the second list here

Transport vocabulary list (in order of usefulness, near the beginning of this article) – LINK UPDATED

Teaching transport vocabulary article

How to teach transport vocabulary to young learners – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable transport vocabulary classroom activities

British or American transport trivia quiz (British and American English and transport vocabulary)

Combining transport with prepositions

Make the noise of transport plus adjective

Transport definitions game

Describing transport guessing game

Transport in the UK trivia quiz

Supporting your arguments with personal experiences (about half about transport)

Tranport IELTS Speaking Part Two and vocabulary brainstorming

Travel and transport avoiding absolute statements

Transport around the world discussion, listening and generalising

Travel, transport and holidays vocabulary and IELTS Speaking

Different ways of saying travel vocabulary

IELTS speaking on travel and tourism

Travel problems and solutions

Transport songs

Over the Mountains on LearnEnglishKids (car, ship, train and horse, with verbs – very easy to add actions to)

Stop Look Listen Think (road safety with good actions)

We all go travelling by (YouTube video based on a picture book)

10 little aeroplanes (just that transport and without an obvious action, but obviously also good for counting)

Transport books/ stories

The Runaway Train illustrated by Jess Stockham (Child’s Play. Not all pages have transport, but can skip some and discuss what transport could be there on other pages – with a train on a ribbon which goes from page to page)

Do Cars Fly?

Down by the Station Classic Books with Holes (lots of other transport vocab, unlike the original song)

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