Making arrangements roleplays dice game

Work in twos or threes. Act out roleplays from below, roleplaying the whole conversation each time from the opening greeting to saying goodbye at the end. You can choose the roleplays by:

  • Rolling a dice and doing the roleplay which comes up with those numbers
  • Choosing random numbers without looking below and doing the roleplay which comes up with those numbers
  • Choosing any you like

Your teacher will tell you if you have free choice or must stick to one of those three ways.

First roll of the dice – who you are communicating with Second roll of the dice – reason for meeting
1.     A customer/ client

2.     A potential customer/ client

3.     A colleague

4.     Your boss

5.     A foreign visitor

6.     A dignitary (mayor, ambassador, member of the royal family, etc)

1.     Negotiation

2.     First meeting to establish a business relationship

3.     Apology for a mistake or delay

4.     Progress check

5.     Presenting a (new) product

6.     Establishing a joint venture


Do the same, but this time also rolling the dice one more time for the complications with making arrangements below:

  1. This will be the first time you’ve ever met (face to face)
  2. The venue is difficult to find
  3. The first time or venue that you suggest isn’t possible
  4. You disagree on how much time is necessary
  5. You need to check with someone else before you can finalise the arrangement
  6. You aren’t 100% sure about your other arrangements


Do the same, but this time pretending that you are emailing. You can do this by passing paper backwards and forwards, or just by saying what you would write in each email. Continue until the end of the exchange, then do the same with other situations above.

Do the same, but this time rolling the dice to decide if you will communicate by email or telephone. 1, 2 or 3 = telephone and 4, 5 or 6 = email.

Without the dice, roleplay some more realistic making arrangement situations for you, for example:

  • With a classmate
  • With a friend
  • With an ex-colleague
  • With a competitor
  • With a potential employer
  • With a potentially useful business contact
  • With a journalist

This time you can choose to communicate by how you really would communicate (by phone, SMS, email, face to face, Skype, etc).


PDF for easy saving and printing: Making arrangements roleplays dice game

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