Future tenses job interview roleplays

Student A

 You are planning to have a baby soon
 You will be 70 later this year
 You will be able to retire next year
 You are going to quit after 6 months to study abroad
 You actually want to be a film star and are just taking this job for the money
 You will need to take a lot of afternoons off to visit the dentist
 You are going to get married and take two weeks off for your honeymoon next month
 You want to get training in this job and then set up your own business

Future tenses job interview roleplays

Student B

 You are having 25 job interviews this week
 You need a new job because you think that you will be fired from your present job
 You are having a date with your interviewer’s boss later today
 You won’t be able to start work until you do your military service
 You aren’t going to quit your present job until the end of next year
You are going to continue doing your present job if you get this new one (for extra money)
 Your wife/ husband is going to apply to work in the same office
 You want to get promoted quickly and take your interviewer’s job


Teachers’ instructions


Students pick a card or choose one of the problems on their worksheet and their partner interviews them until they find out why they shouldn’t employ them. You could tell them that all the problems are about the future to make it easier. The person being interviewed can make up any information that isn’t what is written on their card, e.g. their qualifications and experience.


PDF version for easy printing: JobProblemsFutureTenses

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