Teacher training games/ worksheets for TEFL teachers

Teacher training PDFs and lists of useful language. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Photocopiable teacher training materials for EFL teachers

Body language and phrases for managing classes

Ranking classroom language

Simplifying classroom language

Pronunciation peer correction

What sound is it?

Classroom instructions determiners practice

Classroom language add errors

Classroom language collocations Snap

Classroom language determiners review

Classroom language functions review

Classroom language gestures game

Classroom language problems and solutions

Classroom language mimes, definitions and pictionary game

Classroom language random pelmanism

Classroom language reversi

Questions in the classroom quotes and discussion

Lists of classroom language for teachers

The big list of discipline classroom language

Phraselist of praising, encouraging and consoling

Useful classroom language for moving around

Ending the lesson phrases

Classroom language when using the board

Classroom language for starting lessons

Classroom management phrases

Classroom language for starting and ending classes

TPR instructions

Classroom language for Elementary students

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