Want/ Want to games, worksheets, stories and songs

Want with nouns and verbs PDFs and teaching tips. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 29 July 2020

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How to teach want/want to

Games to practice want/ want to

Photocopiable want (to) classroom activities

Do you want phonics games – NEW

Feelings and want pelmanism card game

Feelings and want guessing game

Do you want options game

Feelings and want reverse pelmanism

Do you want coin game

Want to plus prepositions of position personalised drawing and speaking game

Desires in different places (“want to” and names of different places)

Have and want personalised guessing game

How many people want to sentence construction game

What I want challenge game

Want to sentence completion games

Want (to) picture books

No Hitting by Karen Katz

Want (to) songs

Can’t find any with lots of different lines with different “want to” or with a mix of positive or negative, but will keep looking… In the meantime, in approximate order of usefulness:

All I Want for Xmas in You by Mariah Carey (link to lyrics)

I Want to Hold Your Hand by the Beatles (which at least has some other modal verbs too – link to lyrics)

I Only Want to Be With You by Dusty Springfield (two different “want to” lines – link to lyrics)

I Want it All by Eurythmics (link to lyrics)

All I Want for Xmas is My Two Front Teeth (link to lyrics)

I Want it All by Queen (link to lyrics)

Don’t Want to Dance by Eddie Grant (link to lyrics)

I Want to Break Free by Queen (link to lyrics)

Big list of songs with “I want” in

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