Modern parenting discussion and Zero Conditional presentation

Face to Face Intermediate Unit 6

How has being a child and parenting changed since you were young?

Children in the past Children now












Parents in the past Parents now







What changes are good and what changes are bad, do you think? 

Choose a statement below which you agree with it. Read it out and give your reasons for thinking that way. Does your partner agree?

  • It’s natural for parents to worry about their children all the time.
  • Modern parents worry about their kids a lot more than we used to.
  • Parents are right to supervise their children more, because the world has become a more dangerous place.
  • The main reason for overweight children is them spending their free time indoors.
  • The main reason why children spend their time indoors is because they don’t want to go out.
  • It’s unclear whether children should play outside more or not.
  • Children need more freedom to be happier and healthier.


Mark the sentences above with a tick, cross or question mark depending on what the article on page 46 (and people quoted in it) say and how sure they are.


What forms come after “If” in the article? There are three different kinds, with more than one example of most.

If + _________________________________________, ________________________

If + _________________________________________, ________________________

If + _________________________________________,


What other forms do you know that come after “If”? How are the forms above different from those other forms?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Modern parenting discussion and Zero Conditional presentation 

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