Module 1 Error Correction

Why are the following sentences not correct English?

Section A

1. I’m smoking twenty cigarettes a day

I’m try to give up

2. Tom studys English every day

Tom study English every day

3. … so she studying at Art School

My sister want to be a famous artist

4. I’m enjoy eating a lot of Thai food these days

He is worried that the pollution gets worse these days

pollution getting worse these days

it taste so spicy sometimes

Section B

2. How does spell this word?

3. What is this word mean?

5. How many syllables in this word?

How many syllables this word got?

How many syllables have this word got?

How many syllables has this word?

I have new neighbour.

Section C

2. Where does your parents come from?

Where are your parents come from?

Where were your parents come from?

3. Where was you born?

Where are you born?

Where did you born?

4. Which language school are you go to?

5. What will you wearing to the party?

Section D

2. I have new neighbour


PDF version for easy printing: Module1Corrections

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