Korean learners of English games/ worksheets

At least a quarter of the worksheets on this site have been used with Korean students, but these are the things that actually mention them, their language or their country. Updated 2 May 2017

Teaching Korean students English articles

15 cultural differences in the Korean classroom – LINK UPDATED

Japan in the Korean EFL classroom (published in the KOTESOL magazine) – NEW LINK

Lists of useful language for teaching Korean learners English

The big list of Konglish

Common problems for Korean learners of English

Minimal pairs for Korean learners of English – NEW LINK

Photocopiable classroom activities for Korean learners of English 

Travel advice – South Korea

Common mistakes in English for Korean speakers pairwork

Korean speakers common vocabulary mistakes in English

Korean cultural codewords Generalisation Version 2

Korean cultural codewords language of generalisation

Typical Korean IELTS errors pairwork

Social customs in Korea (language of generalisation)

Korean festivals, ceremonies and life events speaking

Explaining Korean culture relative clauses practice

Although, but, because and so

Almost, all and always

Teaching Korean students blog posts

Differences between Japanese and Korean students – NEW LINK

Similarities between Konglish and Janglish – NEW LINK

Differences between Konglish and Janglish – NEW LINK


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