Roots of Medical English Worksheet 4

Find the similarities between the following words and guess what the part in common meant in Greek
Kilogram, kilometre, kilobyte
Micron, microfilm, micrometer, microchip,
Meter, kilometre,  odometer
Panorama, Pan American Airlines (Pan Am), to pan (cinema),
Aerobic (s), aerosol
Angina, anxious
Harmonica, harmony
Melanesia, melanoma
Homeopathy, homosexual

Match to the meanings below
To compress/ press/ strangle
to measure
the same
a thousand

Find more words with the same parts below and guess the meaning
to harmonize

Match to the definitions
1. Complete chaos (from the Greek “place of all the devils”)
2. not using air
3. an instrument that measures height above sea level
4. to make things match or work together
5. sadness (from the Greek for “black bile”, as sadness was thought to be caused by this substance in the body)
6. a popular name for a bacteria (made by combining the Greek words for “small” and “life”)
7. the science of mechanical flight (from the Greek for “air” and “sailing”)
8. an instrument for seeing very small things (from the Greek for “small” and “see”)
9. an instrument for measuring temperature (from the Greek for “hot” and “measure”)
10. one millionth of a second


Part Two
Medical English
Find words below with the same roots as these words and try to guess the meaning of the roots
(Data) analysis

Bionic, biography, pathology, amnesia, maniac, electrolysis, biotechnology, atom, pathogen, psychopath, alpha male, manic depressive, antibiotic, alpha wave, amnesty, antihistamine, pathological, antidote, dipsomania, antiseptic, biology, alpha particle, kleptomaniac, helix, neuralgia, megalomania,

Match the roots to the meanings
To break/loosen
not+ count (cannot count)
against/ opposite
(name of the first letter of the Greek alphabet)

Guess the meanings of the other words

Match the words to the definitions

1. A drug that is given to stop the bad effects of a poison (from the Greek for “against” and “give”- “given against”)
2. A book with the story of your life (from Greek “life” and “write”)
3. A loss of memory (Greek for “no” and “memory”)
4. Using electricity to separate chemicals
5. A seriously mentally ill person, especially used for murderers and other criminals (from the Greek for “mind” and “suffering”)
6. A bacteria that causes disease
7. Electrical replacement body parts (shortened form from Greek “life” and “electronic”)
8. The science of disease (from the Greek for “suffering” and “science”)
9. The “study of life”
10. Nerve pain
11. The most important or macho man or male animal in a group
12. A drug that kills bacteria
13. A pardon for past offences, for example when prisoners are allowed to leave prison early (from the Greek for “oblivion”)
14. A mental illness that means you can’t stop drinking alcohol (from Greek “thirst” and “madness”)
15. A form of insanity in which the patient is mad on one subject only (from the Greek “single/ alone” and “madness”)
16. A mental illness which has periods of extreme happiness and energy, and extreme unhappiness
17. A person who can’t stop stealing due to mental disease (from Greek “thief” and “madness”)


Answer key
To compress/ press/ strangle: anxi-/ angi-
to measure: meter
agreement: harmon-
the same: homo-/ homeo-
black: mela-
air: aero-
a thousand: kilo-
small: micro-
all: pan-

1. pandemonium
2. anaerobic
3. altimeter
4. harmonize
5. melancholy
6. microbe
7. aeronautics
8. microscope
9. thermometer
10. microsecond

Memory: mne-
Madness: mania
To break/loosen: -lysis
not+ count (cannot count): atom
pain: -algia
spiral: heli-
suffering: patho-
against/ opposite: anti-
(name of the first letter of the Greek alphabet): alpha
Life: bio-

1. antidote
2. biography
3. amnesia
4. electrolysis
5. psychopath
6. pathogen
7. bionic
8. pathology
9. biology
10. neuralgia
11. alpha male
12. antibiotic
13. amnesty
14. dipsomania
15. monomania
16. manic depressive
17. kleptomania


PDF version for easy saving and printing: rootsmedeng4

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