Comparing and contrasting academic writing tasks

Write an essay of at least 200 words comparing and contrasting two things related to your area of interest, for example:

– Academic writing in two or more countries, e.g. British and American

– The ideas of two or more experts/ schools of experts

– The meanings of a term in two or more different areas

– The past and present consensus

– Two or more academic areas

– Two or more academic publications

– Two or more academic writing style guides

– Two or more causes for something

– Two or more consequences of something

– Two or more different processes

– Two or more government policies

– Two or more ideas of one person

– Two or more ideologies

– Two or more pieces of research (e.g. some qualitative and some quantitative research)

– Two or more related terms

– Two or more solutions to something

– Two or more theories/ explanations of something


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Comparing and contrasting academic writing tasks

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