Teaching pronunciation articles

22 teaching English pronunciation articles. If you like anything here and want more, then please support TEFLtastic.

7 fun English syllables activities – NEW

12 counting syllables games

How to teach consonant clusters

How to teach silent letters

Using body language and gestures to teach pronunciation

How to teach English syllables

Pronunciation for Spanish-speaking learners of English

Teaching contractions

Tips on improving your pronunciation outside class

Classroom language for teaching pronunciation

Why does my teacher make me learn the phonemic script?

Bringing pronunciation work into the Business English classroom

Teaching pronunciation of the alphabet to adults

Common problems with pronunciation of the English alphabet 

Teaching pronunciation with minimal pairs

Minimal pairs games

Fun homophones activities

Homophones in EFL classes

Combining pronunciation and collocations

Pronunciation changes in Japanese English

15 things to teach about sentence stress and rhythm

15 fun pronunciation games

15 easy ways to start using the phonemic script in class

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Updated 2 February 2023

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