Medical English mimes

Medical mimes photocopiable worksheet

Part A: Take turns with your partner miming one of the actions below and trying to guess which one your partner is miming.

You are using a stethoscope

You have a headache

You feel dizzy

You have a stomachache

You feel nauseous (you feel sick/ you want to puke/ vomit/ chuck up/ throw up/ chunder)

You have toothache

You are standing in an X-ray machine

You have a bad back

You have bad breath

You are testing your reactions by hitting your knee with a hammer

You are shortsighted

You are longsighted

You have a hangover

You keep on farting (blowing off/ letting off wind)

You have hay fever

You have a cold

You have indigestion

You are pregnant

You feel like fainting

You have blood shot eyes

You are hyperactive

You are anorexic

You are taking own pulse

You are taking your temperature

You are using an asthma inhaler

You are shivering

You feel like you are going to sneeze

You can’t stop coughing

You have head lice

You are swallowing some tablets (pills)

You have stiff shoulders

You have something stuck between your teeth

You are having hallucinations

You are cross-eyed

You have heartburn

Your hair is falling out (you are going bald)

You keep burping (belching)

You have constipation

You are deaf

You are blind

You have a nosebleed

You have broken your arm

You have a dislocated shoulder

You are short of breath (wheezing)

You have goose bumps

Your nose is dripping

Your arm is in a sling

You are using a wheelchair

You are using crutches

You are using a walking stick

You are putting a plaster (band aid) on a cut

You have cut your finger

You have cut yourself shaving

You are putting on a surgical mask

You are giving yourself an injection

You are scratching your nose

The place between your shoulder blades is itchy

You are on a drip

You are taking some cough syrup

Your cheek keeps twitching

You feel depressed

You feel high

You feel in pain

You feel upset

You feel knackered (exhausted/ shattered/ very tired)

Part B: Continue, but this time the person guessing has to make the sentence without looking at the worksheet.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Medical mimes pdf printable

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