How questions and advice dice game

Ask each other as many different “How…?” questions as you can. Each time the person who receives the question should roll a dice and use that answer, including a reason for that adjective. You should then make a recommendation connected to their answer (for something similar, something that they would like as much or more, etc).

6: (Absolutely) wonderful/ fantastic/ superb/ perfect/ (Really) great

5: (Pretty) good/ Very well/ Not (so/ too) bad

4: Okay/ Alright/ Nothing special

3: So-so

2: Not so good/ Not so great

1: (Absolutely) terrible/ awful


Suggested reactions to responses

  • (If you like…, then) I think you will love…
  • (If you didn’t like…,) how about trying…?
  • (If that was so bad/ good/…,) have you thought about…?
  • (In that case,) if I were you, I would…
  • (If you feel that way) (for you) I recommend…


Mixed suggested small talk questions with how

How are things?

How are you doing?

How are you?

How did you get on with…?

How did your team do…?/ How did your team get on…?

How did… go?

How do you feel about your team’s…?

How has your day been?

How has your trip been (so far)?

How has your visit been (so far)?

How has your week been?

How have you been since we last met?

How have you been?

How is your… (now)?

How was (name of a place)?

How was the traffic?

How was the… match?

How was your Xmas?

How was your day off?

How was your day?

How was your flight?

How was your holiday?

How was your journey?

How was your lunch?

How was your summer?

How was your trip to…?

How was your trip?

How was your vacation?

How was your week?

How was your weekend?

How was your winter break?

How was…?

How’s (name)?

How’s it going?

How’s the weather over there (now)?

How’s the weather where you are?

How’s your family?

How’s your hangover?

How’s your meal?

How’s your mother?

How’s your steak?

How’s your team doing?



PDF for easy saving and printing: how-questions-advice-dice-game

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