The story of your life Mini presentations

Your partner will tell you about their life for as long as they can. Don’t interrupt or ask questions until they finish, but instead just tick off the topics below that they mention. When they can’t think of anything more to say ask them other questions, e.g. the topics below that they haven’t talked about.

 Birth

 Early childhood

 Pre-school education

 Primary school (= Elementary school)

 Secondary school (= Middle school/ Junior high school/ High school)

 Further education

 Certificates, tests and exams

 Other studies

 Homes

 Family and other relationships

 Travels

 Jobs

 Achievements

 Major life events

 Things you are proud of

 Major changes in your life

 Injuries

 Most memorable childhood/ university experience


Discussion questions

 What kinds of things could people name as their major achievements?

 What things count as major life events for most people? Does this change from culture to culture? What vocabulary is associated with each one?


PDF for easy saving and printing: LifeStoriesMiniPresentations

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