Make the Art Discussion Questions

Teacher’s instructions: Students match the cut up sentence halves and then ask each other the questions. 

What was the last art gallery you went to? 
What’s the longest you’ve ever  spent looking at one picture?
What’s the longest you’ve ever spent in an art gallery?
Who’s your favourite artist? 
What do you think about abstract and semi-abstract art? 
What do you think about contemporary art and artistic installations? 
Do you think any artists who are around now will be remembered in 50 years? 
When do you think the best art was being produced? 
What is the most you would spend on an original painting under your present circumstances? 
What is the most you would spend purchasing your favourite picture (assuming you had unlimited money)?
What do you feel when you see one of his/ her paintings? 
Is there any one artist you think is over-rated? 


PDF version for easy printing: MakeArtQuestions

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