Xmas going to games

Live Wire 2 Unit 15

Going to with Xmas and New Year vocabulary make me say yes

Ask “Are you going to…?” questions about the future Xmas and New Year like those below, trying to get “Yes” answers. You get one point for each time your partner says “Yes, I am”. You get no points for “No, I’m not” and “I don’t know” answers.

Ask about any questions below you don’t understand, answering the question each time.


Xmas going to guessing game

Choose one of the things below. Without saying which thing, say what you need to do in order to do that thing, e.g. “I’m going to buy stamps” for “send Xmas cards”. Your partner can guess once per hint.


Xmas going to mimes

Imagine you are going to do one of the things below. Mime the stages leading up to that thing, but don’t actually do the action written below. For example, if you are going to have a snow fight, you can mime dressing up in gloves etc and making a snowball, but don’t mime throwing the snow ball (because that would be “You are having a snow fight”, not “You are going to have a snow fight”.  

be Santa/ dress as Santa

buy presents

clean the house

cook Christmas dinner

decorate a Xmas tree

decorate the house

drink champagne

eat Christmas dinner

eat nuts

eat turkey

fly a kite

get presents

give presents

hang a wreath

have a New Year party

ice skate/ go ice skating

listen to Christmas music

make a Xmas cake

make a gingerbread house

make a snowman

make mulled wine

make Xmas crackers

open presents

perform a Xmas play

play Christmas songs

send Xmas cards

sing New Year songs

sing Xmas songs

ski/ go skiing

sled/ sledge/ sleigh/ go tobogganing

snowboard/ go snowboarding

stay up until midnight

watch TV until very late

write to Santa

 PDF for easy saving and printing: Xmas going to games

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