Teaching grammar articles/ tips

Articles on teaching almost every grammar point. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 24 April 2019

Index pages in this section

Teaching aspect articles

Teaching tenses articles (for articles on Present Simple, Past Simple games, etc etc)

Related pages

Teaching grammar games/ worksheets page

General articles on teaching grammar

Using body language and gestures to teach grammar – NEW

52 TPR grammar games – NEW

The top six grammar points for IELTS

How to teach British and American grammar

70 characteristics of a good grammar explanation

Why your students still make mistakes with grammar they know well

Combining grammar with other things

Linking cultural training with grammar

Combining history topics and English grammar

Putting the grammar back into Xmas

Grammar in Business English classes

Error correction

The most effective error correction games

Alternatives to spoken error correction

A well-balanced use of error correction

15 variations on a grammar auction

Why does my teacher make me correct my own answers?

Why doesn’t my teacher correct all my mistakes when I am speaking?


15 reasons why PPP is so unfashionable

15 variations on PPP

Articles about teaching prepositions

Realia and flashcard activities for prepositions of position

TPR activities for prepositions of position

Video tasks for prepositions of position

Craft activities for prepositions of position

How to teach prepositions of position to kids

Fun activities for prepositions of time

Time expressions that your students should probably study (mainly involving prepositions)

Teaching determiners articles

How to teach this/ that/ these/ those 

7 this/ that/ these/ those games

Physical games to practise a/ an

Classroom practice of a/ an

How to teach a/ an

15 fun activities for the articles a, an and the

The 15 best tips for learning articles

Teaching modal verbs articles

The most useful can/ can’t for ability activities

How to teach can/ can’t for ability

How to teach modals of possibility/ probability/ deduction

Practice for modals of possibility/ probability

TPR games for I can…/ I can’t…

Other fun activities for can/ can’t

Articles about other grammar points

How to teach English plurals (with game ideas)

How to teach irregular plurals(with game ideas)

How to teach short answers

How to teach Yes/ No questions

How to teach comparative and superlative

How to teach gradable and extreme adjectives

How to teach ed and ing adjectives

How to teach possessive adjectives

How to teach like and would like

How to teach frequency expressions

How to teach There is/ There are

Teaching It is…/ They are…

Stimulating practice for comparatives

Teaching countable and uncountable nouns

25 definining and non-defining relative clauses games

15 countable and uncountable noun games

15 games for reported speech

15 more reported speech games

Yet another 15 games for reported speech

15 fun activities for there is/are/was/were

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