Teaching grammar articles/ tips

Updated 18 July 2017

Index pages in this section

Teaching aspect articles – NEW PAGE

Teaching tenses articles (for articles on Present Simple, Past Simple games, etc etc)

Related pages

Teaching grammar games/ worksheets page

General articles on teaching grammar

70 characteristics of a good grammar explanation

Why your students still make mistakes with grammar they know well

Combining grammar with other things

Linking cultural training with grammar – LINK FIXED

Combining history topics and English grammar

Putting the grammar back into Xmas

Grammar in Business English classes – LINK FIXED

Error correction

The most effective error correction games – NEW

Alternatives to spoken error correction – LINK FIXED

A well-balanced use of error correction

15 variations on a grammar auction – LINK UPDATED

Why does my teacher make me correct my own answers?

Why doesn’t my teacher correct all my mistakes when I am speaking?


15 reasons why PPP is so unfashionable – LINK UPDATED

15 variations on PPP – LINK UPDATED

Articles about teaching prepositions

Realia and flashcard activities for prepositions of position – LINK FIXED

TPR activities for prepositions of position – LINK  FIXED

Video tasks for prepositions of position – LINK FIXED

Craft activities for prepositions of position – LINK FIXED

How to teach prepositions of position to kids – LINK FIXED

Fun activities for prepositions of time – LINK UPDATED

Time expressions that your students should probably study (mainly involving prepositions) – LINK UPDATED

Teaching determiners articles

How to teach this/ that/ these/ those  – LINK FIXED

7 this/ that/ these/ those games – LINK UPDATED

Physical games to practise a/ an – LINK UPDATED

Classroom practice of a/ an – LINK UPDATED

How to teach a/ an – LINK UPDATED

15 fun activities for the articles a, an and the – LINK UPDATED

The 15 best tips for learning articles – LINK UPDATED

Teaching modal verbs articles

The most useful can/ can’t for ability activities

How to teach can/ can’t for ability

How to teach modals of possibility/ probability/ deduction – LINK FIXED

Practice for modals of possibility/ probability – LINK FIXED

TPR games for I can…/ I can’t… – LINK FIXED

Other fun activities for can/ can’t – LINK FIXED

Articles about other grammar points

How to teach gradable and extreme adjectives – NEW

How to teach ed and ing adjectives

How to teach possessive adjectives

How to teach like and would like

How to teach frequency expressions

How to teach There is/ There are

Teaching It is…/ They are…

Stimulating practice for comparatives

Teaching countable and uncountable nouns

25 definining and non-defining relative clauses games – LINK UPDATED

15 countable and uncountable noun games – LINK UPDATED

15 games for reported speech – LINK UPDATED

15 more reported speech games – LINK UPDATED

Yet another 15 games for reported speech – LINK UPDATED

15 fun activities for there is/are/was/were – LINK UPDATED


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