Needs and ease questionnaire

Stage 1: Choose the skill below that is most useful for you and write a number 10 next to it in the “need” column.

Stage 2: Choose the skill that is least useful and write a 1 next to it in the “need” column

Stage 3: Fill all the other “need” boxes with numbers between 10 and 1 depending on how useful they are (you don’t need to use every number)

Stage 4: Mark a 10 in the “ease” column of the thing that you find easiest and a 1 in the one that you find most difficult

Stage 5: Mark a number between 10 and 1 in all the other “ease” boxes




1.        Ask and answer questions about your job



2.        Introduce two people who don-t know each other



3.        Meet people you don’t know



4.        Greet people you know



5.        Exchange business cards and make comments on them



6.        Describe your company and what it does



7.        Ask to speak to someone on the phone



8.        Take a telephone message



9.        Answer the phone



10.    Leave a telephone message



11.    Double check what people say



12.    Say you don’t understand in different ways



13.    Make offers



14.    Make requests



15.    Talk about your hometown and ask about other people’s



16.    Talk about your journey and ask about other people’s



17.    Talk about your trip and ask about other people’s



18.    Talk about your hotel and ask about other people’s



19.    Talk about food in your and other people’s countries



20.    Make conversation about possessions and their special features



21.    Speak in meetings



22.    Agree and disagree



23.    Ask people’s opinions



24.    Start a meeting



25.    Chair a meeting




PDF for easy printing: NeedsEaseQuestionnaire

1 Response to Needs and ease questionnaire

  1. Aysu says:

    Great website!! So much important stuff for EFL teachers! I loved it

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