Challenges 1 Units 1 to 13 brainstorming game


Sit in a circle and play the Clap clap clap game

Brainstorming game

On a piece of scrap paper, take turns with your partner(s) writing words in the category below that your teacher or classmate chooses. When the teacher stops you, another team will check if all your words are correct and spelt correctly. You get 5 points for any words that the other teams haven’t written.


Answers to “How often do you…?”

Things you all do every day

Things in amusement parks

Things in the video “Mind the Baby Mr Bean”

Things that are dangerous



Types of haircut

Healthy foods

Colours of your classmates’ clothes

Your classmates’ hair

Your classmates’ families

Answers to “How is your class?”

Nobody in this class is into __________________

Questions and answers about your English teacher

Things you can do with a computer

Nobody in this class can ___________________


True sentences about this classroom with “These are_____________s” or “Those are _________________s”

There is an ___________________ in this room

School subjects

Positions of things in this room

Family words

Ordinal numbers





Places in a town



Things in a bedroom/ bathroom/ kitchen/ living room/ dining room


Appearance words

Body parts

There is some ________________ in this room

There is some ________________ in this country

There are some ______________ s in this room

There isn’t any _______________ in this room

There aren’t any ______________s in this room

Uncountable foods

Countable foods


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Challenges 1 U 1 to 13 brainstorming game

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