Describing places vocabulary and speaking

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 3

Brainstorm vocabulary into the boxes below:

Adjectives to describe cities



Adjectives to describe villages and the countryside



Features of cities



Features of villages and the countryside




Put any of the words below that you haven’t already got into the boxes above. A few could be in more than one place.

Mountain range               Crowded                                        Polluted

Peaceful                                         Monument                                      Square

Cosmopolitan                  Busy                                                Field

Meadow                                         Rolling hills                                     Narrow lane

Pedestrianised shopping street                                            Skyscrapers

Housing estates                            Blocks of flats                  Cottage

Amusement park                           Traditional fair                 Amusement arcade

Shopping mall                 Ferris wheel (= Big wheel)           Cliff

Parliament/ Senate                       Town hall/ City hall                         Department store

Stately home/ Mansion/ Manor house                                  Ceremonial gate

Stream                             Fountain                                         Waterfall

Botanical gardens                         Mosque                                          Cathedral

Parish church                   Temple                             Lake

Pond                                               Market                              Supermarket

Castle                                             Palace                              Forest/ Wood

Wildlife                             Office building                 High-rise building

Traffic jam/ Congestion  Urban                                              Rural

Quiet/ Peaceful                Romantic                                        Scenery

Peak                                               Hiking trail                                      Landmark

Slow paced                                    Cemetery/ Graveyard     Downtown

Suburbs                                          Commuters                                    Rush hour

Tram                                               Path                                                Pavement (= Sidewalk)

Dirty                                                Nature                               Litter

Crops                                             Embassy

Financial district (e.g. Wall Street or The City)
Describe a country or city in the list below to your partner, until they guess which one you are talking about

France                      Italy                Belgium                    Austria

Australia                   Brazil             Russia                      Netherlands

Turkey                      Indonesia      Norway                     Switzerland

Greece                     Denmark       Argentina                  Ireland

Iceland                     Thailand        Portugal                    Czech Republic

Philippines               Egypt             Vietnam                    Croatia

Cuba                         Burma           Malta                         Wales

The UK                     Georgia        Germany                  Northern Ireland

Cologne                   Munich           Bruges                     Brussels

Florence                   Geneva         Venice                      Rome

Paris                         Athens           Naples                      Turin

Milan                         Moscow       Beijing                      The Hague

Prague                     Seville           Kiev                          Warsaw


Useful language I picture it as…I’d imagine it’s…As far as I remember…

I think I once heard that…

Someone told me…

I saw this place on telly and…

If it’s anything like… it must be…


Discussion questions

Which of the places above would you like to visit and why?

Are there any places above that you have never heard of or know nothing about? Why do you know more about other places, do you think?

How well do schools in your country teach you about other countries, for example in geography classes?

How good is your geographical knowledge, do you think?


PDF version for easy printing: DescribingPlacesVocabulary

More worksheets on this topic: Describing places games/ worksheets

3 Responses to Describing places vocabulary and speaking

  1. silvia says:

    thank you so much! It´s what I was looking for!! :)))

  2. Orawan says:

    Thank you for sharing this!!! I really appreciate your generosity :)

  3. Susan Livsey says:

    I’m and experienced ELICOS teacher but new to Cutting Edge. Thanks soooooo much. kindest regards Susan

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