Job benefits ranking and collocations

Business Result Pre-Intermediate Unit 5 First Lesson

How important are the following things for you? Rank them from 1 to 11 by how much time you want to spend on that subject in your English classes:



Teleconferences and videoconferences

Writing reports

Meeting people

Meetings and negotiations

Giving presentations

Talking about graphs and numbers


Polite language

Dealing with complaints

Rank the things below by how important they are to you when you choose a job, then compare your answers with someone else and see if you can persuade them to change their time.

Private healthcare

High salary

Paid holidays

Free childcare

Subsidized cafeteria

Annual bonus

Gym membership

Pension scheme

Mobile phone

Nice view

Your own office

Parking space

Maternity and paternity leave

Flexible hours

Company car


Do you think most people would agree with what you’ve put? If it depends, what does it depend on?

Read the article on page 30 and check.

Without looking back at the list on the previous page, match up the following collocations:

Private health                                      phone

High                                                   paternity leave

Paid                                                   bonus

Free child                                           scheme

Subsidized                                         space

Annual                                               salary

Gym                                                  membership

Pension                                              care

Mobile                                               holiday

Nice                                                   care

Your own                                           office

Parking                                              hours

Maternity and                                     view

Flexible                                              cafeteria

Company                                           top

Lap                                                    car

Do the same with this vocabulary about recruitment (which you haven’t seen yet):

Application                                       annum

Cover                                                period

Panel                                                  application

HR                                                    department

Psychometric                                     letter

Trial                                                   letter

Job                                                    list

Short                                                 interview

Rejection                                            testing

Job                                                    CV

Net                                                    date

Per                                                     experience

Closing                                              salary

Previous                                             form

Video                                                 description


PDF version for easy printing: Job_benefits_ranking

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