Body parts definitions game

Talk about what one of the body parts below can do and you can do with it (e.g. medical problems, movements, actions, exercises, treatments, show feelings, gestures) until your partner guesses which one it is.

 Eyelid  Eyebrow  Eyelashes  Nose
 Nostril  Forehead  Bottom lip  Tongue
 Front teeth  Back teeth  Gums  Chin
 Jaw  Cheek  Receding hairline  Crow’s feet
 Little finger  Ring finger  Middle finger  Index finger (= First finger)
 Thumb  Shoulder  Adam’s apple  Neck
 Shoulder blade  Ribs  Nipple  Belly button
Six pack/ Stomach/ Beer belly/ Tummy  Bottom/ Rear end/ Backside  Hip  Knee cap
 Calf  Shin  Ankle  Wrist
 Elbow  Thigh  Palm  Forearm
 Bicep  Love handles  Sole  Big toe
 Little toe  Fingernail  Toe nail  Ear lobe
 Throat  Fingertip  Knuckle  Lower back

What meanings can you convey by making gestures with those body parts, e.g. your middle finger and first finger? What countries are those gestures used and not used in?


PDF for easy saving and printing: BodyVocabularyDefinitions

Body parts vocabulary main page

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