Adjectives to describe last week

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 6

Tell your partner something you did last week without giving your opinion. They will guess what you thought of it using adjectives, e.g. the ones below. Tell them if they are right, and what other adjectives you would use to describe that thing.

Possible topics

Films                                                                            Radio programmes

Study (worksheets, self study books, lessons or TV programmes)

Sports (doing or watching) and exercise       News

Books, newspapers and magazines                            Games (e.g. computer games)

Conversations                                                             TV

Housework                                                                   A date

A day trip                                                                     A special treat

Shopping                                                                     Eating out

Music                                                                           Green spaces


Possible adjectives

Great/ Superb/ Fantastic/ Brilliant/ Marvellous/ Amazing/ Terrific

Terrible/ Awful/ Dreadful

So-so/ Not bad/ Alright/ Okay

Pretentious/ Over-intellectual

Clever/ Intelligent/ Smart

Frightening/ Terrifying/ Scary

Depressing/ Dark/ Gloomy

Fun/ Entertaining

Amusing/ Funny/ Hilarious

Exciting/ Thrilling

Interesting/ Fascinating/ Riveting

Expensive/ A rip-off

(Well) worth the money/ Good value/ Cheap

Boring/ Tedious/ Over-long

Sad/ Tragic

Tiring/ Exhausting

Peaceful/ Calm


Stressful/ Nerve-wracking

Difficult/ Hard

Hard work

Beautiful/ Gorgeous/ Stunning

Luxurious/ Extravagant



Silly/ Stupid/ Ridiculous

Surprising/ Astonishing




Childish/ Juvenile

Tasty/ Delicious

Disgusting/ Revolting


Confusing/ Hard to follow

Unrealistic/ Unbelievable

Annoying/ Irritating


Nothing special

Moving/ Touching


Useful language


“You thought it was…”/ “You felt…”

“That’s right”/ “Exactly”

“Actually, I felt…/ I thought it was…”


PDF for easy saving and printing: 

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