Going to for plans and future continuous for predictions

Choose one of the plans below (either a real plan of yours or an imaginary one), and make statements about what you will be doing at certain times in the future until your partner guesses which plan it is:
Tell your partners that one of the things below is your plan. They should take turns making positive and negative predictions for what you will be doing and how you will be feeling at certain times in the future, e.g. “This time next week you’ll be longing for a cigarette, but this time next year you’ll be feeling the best that you have for years”

You’re going to give up smoking/ drinking/ fizzy drinks

You’re going to invest your money in property/ shares/ commodities

You’re going to start jogging every morning

You’re going to take up taekwondo/ kendo/ fencing/ archery/ self-defence/ juggling

You’re going to move to the UK/ USA/ Japan/ Italy

You’re going to open a shop/ restaurant/ café

You’re going to start decorating/ renovating your house

You’re going to start looking for a new house

You’re going to move to the countryside

You’re going to start going to casinos/ the races/ betting shops every weekend

You’re going to start night school

You’re going to enter a television talent show

You’re going to start looking for your biological parents (you are adopted)

You’re going to take a year out and go backpacking
Do the same, but with other real or imaginary plans that are not on the list above

How do you think the reality of backpacking is different from people’s imagination? Read the texts on Inside Out Upper Intermediate pg 115 and check.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Going to Future continuous

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