IELTS nature vocabulary trends

Explain the past, present and/ or future trends of one of the following things connected to nature and ecology. Don’t say what thing you are talking about, and see if your partner can guess which one. Do they agree with your ideas about the trend?

(ancient) woodland

air/ water/ soil/ visual/ noise pollution

allergies (hay fever, asthma, etc.)

alternative fuels (biofuels, etc.)

attractiveness of the countryside

attractiveness of towns


bird life in cities (pigeons, crows, sparrows, etc.)

bird watching

birth defects

burning rubbish

burying rubbish

carbon sequestering/ carbon capture

carbon trading

chemical spillage

cleanliness of drinking water

cleanliness of rivers/ lakes/ seas

coastal erosion

concrete on the coastline

condition of parks



danger from radiation




energy consumption


extreme weather


fear of chemicals

fear of radiation

fish stocks

fossil fuels

free range farming

geothermal energy

GM (= genetically modified) foods/ GM crops

green spaces

greenhouse effect


hybrid vehicles/ electric vehicles

hydroelectric energy

ill effects of pesticides

interest in green issues

land reclamation

national parks

natural disasters (volcano, hurricane, tidal waves, flooding, etc.)

nuclear energy

number of endangered animals

oil production

organic foods/ organic agriculture




pests (cockroaches, rats, etc.)

plastic bags


power lines

production of greenhouse gases

production of waste

public transport




sea levels

slash and burn agriculture

soil erosion

solar energy

support for green parties

support for whaling

teaching of green issues

the hole in the ozone layer/ ozone depletion

use of chemicals on farms

use of country roads/ country lanes/ B roads

use of riverbanks/ canal-sides


wind farms/ wind power/ offshore wind farms


PDF version for easy saving and printing: nature vocabulary trends

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