Storytelling games/ worksheets for EFL learners

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Updated 18 March 2022

Photocopiable telling stories classroom activities (for speaking, but can also be used for writing or as warmers)

Verb patterns with reporting verbs activities (pelmanism, snap and storytelling)

Prepositions with reporting verbs activities (pelmanism, snap and storytelling)

Gerund and infinitive storytelling activity

Past, present and future weekends storytelling

Positive and negative business vocabulary storytelling game 

Phrasal verbs storytelling game

Regular and irregular nouns storytelling activity

Use the storytelling phrases

Storytelling phrases the same or different

Weekend vocabulary storytelling

Ghosts storytelling vocabulary game

Make a Xmas story Simple Past

Crime vocabulary storytelling game

Narrative tenses storytelling game

Reporting verbs guessing and storytelling

The story of your life Mini-presentations

Travel vocabulary problems and storytelling

Remembering and forgetting childhood memories

A childhood memory extended speaking

Anecdotes bluff

Disasters passives storytelling game

Functional language reported speech storytelling game

Good King Wenceslas vocabulary and storytelling

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 1 and 2 vocabulary storytelling game

New Headway Pre-Intermediate vocabulary storytelling game

More controlled practice of storytelling language

Longer storytelling phrases card games

Open cloze practice of storytelling phrases

Storytelling phrases word formation practice

Storytelling key word sentence transformations

Flashcards for picture books

Flashcards for the book Monkey Puzzle

Flashcards for the book Down in the Meadow

Worksheets for picture books

Colouring worksheets for the book Brown Bear Brown Bear

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