Your opinions about customer service

Business Result Pre-Intermediate Unit 6

The vocabulary below is all related to the topic of customer service. Choose one of the expressions and make a statement using those words or on that topic that you think your partner will agree with, and then see what their reaction is.

(Online) helpdesk

After-sales service



Automatic switchboards

Bank clerk

Being transferred

Bellboy/ Bell hop

Body language


Check in clerk

Communication skills

Complaints policy


Customer care

Customer focussed

Customer loyalty

Customer recommendations/ Word of mouth

Customer relations

Customer satisfaction

Customer service agent scripts

Customer service skills


Cut off/ Disconnected


Dealing with correspondence

Delivery charge/ Postage and packing




Exchange policy

Eye contact


Good service – Poor service

Good/ Bad/ First/ Positive/ Negative impressions


Handling complaints

Handling enquiries

Helpful – Unhelpful

Helpline/ Call centre

Instant messenger

Knowledgeable/ Well informed – Unknowledgeable

Level of service

Listening skills

On hold

Payment systems

Polite – Rude

Put into a queue


Recorded message


Sales representative/ Sales rep/ Sales executive/ Salesman/ Salesperson

Shop assistant

Small talk

Standard letter

Tact/ Diplomacy

Take responsibility

Take the extra step/ Go beyond the call of duty

Telephone manner

Tone/ Intonation




Useful language

Asking for opinions

What do you think about…?

How do you feel about…?

Do you agree that…?


Giving opinions

(Personally) I (don’t) think…

(Personally) I (don’t) feel…



I think you’re right

I (totally) agree (with…)



I don’t agree (with…)(at all)

Do the same, but trying to find things that your partner disagrees with.

Have a meeting about improving customer service, agreeing on at least two action points.

Listen to a similar meeting. What two action points do they agree on?

How should your customer service staff respond to these complaints?

  • You have made a mistake with an invoice
  • You didn’t deliver on time
  • You sent the wrong product


PDF version for easy printing: Opinions_about_customer_service

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