Incredible English 2 Units 6 and 7 rotating board game


The first letter is e

The first letter is i

The first letter is a

The first letter is k



The first letter is f








The first letter is b

Dairy foods

The first letter is v


Alex has got ____________


It’s got four wheels


It can climb a tree

Things in sandwiches

It can swim

Good feelings



Bad feelings


Things in this classroom (close your eyes)

Things that make people hot

Rules when you hear the fire bell

Things that make people cold


British coins

Things that make people bored


Korean coins

Alex is feeling ______________

Things that make people dizzy

Things that make people happy

Things that make people sad


Move one square for each correct answer until you make a mistake.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Incredible English 1 Units 6 and 7 rotating board game

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