Want to Sentence Completion Games

Everybody Up 4 Unit 7

Complete half of the sentences below truthfully and half with your imagination, the read out some examples for your partners to guess which is which (maybe after asking you for more details)


Complete as many sentences below as you can truthfully, then read out just the part you have written (not the part which is typed there) for your partner to guess which sentence you wrote that in.

I have _____________________________________________ but I want more.


I wanted ________________________________________ but I don’t anymore.


I want ___________________________________________ but it’s impossible.


I want _____________________________________________________today.


I want __________________________________________________ this week.


I want ________________________________________ but I’m not allowed to.


I wanted _____________________________________ but my parents said no.


My parents want me to ______________________________ but I don’t want to.


I didn’t want _______________________________ but actually it was nice/ fun.


My friends want __________________________________________but I don’t.


Most people want ________________________________________ but I don’t.


Most people don’t want _____________________________________ but I do.


I want other people to ____________________________________ but not me.


PDF version for easy printing: Want to sentence completion games

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