Articles on using EFL materials

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Using technology articles

Articles on using textbooks

Making bookwork fun (for young learners)

15 ways to judge an EFL textbook

15 typical textbook activities you can personalize

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Articles on using graded readers

15 ways to turn students onto graded readers

Graded readers in the classroom

Graded reader blind date (lesson plan)

Articles on using worksheets

How to find EFL worksheets on the internet

The first 15 stages of using worksheets in preschool English classes

Getting creative with worksheets

15 criteria for kindergarten worksheets

Articles on using dictionaries

Picture dictionary games and actitivies

Why your students overuse their dictionaries

Why does my teacher stop me using my dictionary?

Why does my teacher make me use an English-English dictionary?

Articles on adapting common book exercises

15 warmers and fillers for true/ false tasks

15 ways to make multiple choice questions manageable and fun

General articles on using published materials

Testing and Reviewing New EFL Materials

Things to put in a Self- Access Centre or Student Library

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