EFL games for young learners articles

Updated 21 March 2018

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drawing games articles and worksheets

Articles on TEFL games (also for adults, but many useable or adaptable for teens and higher level YLs, especially the low prep ones with basic classroom materials)

Articles on using games to teach young learners English

Block games

Blocks games for different language points

15 ways to teach English with blocks and stacking games

Using ball games to teach English

Rethinking running around games

Running dictations in EFL classes


Variations on the clap clap clap game

How to use the game Stations in EFL classes

7 this/ that/ these/ those games

Physical games to practise a/ an

Bookwork is fun (games using what is on the textbook page, originally in EtP magazine)

Fun for all the family 3- A few games for articles and determiners

Fun for all the family 2- 26 alphabet and spelling games

Fun for all the family 1- 22 games to teach numbers

15 fun sit down activities for preschool English classes

15 flashcard activities for any preschool English class

15 fun ways to score points

15 uses for guessing games in any pre-school class

Flashcard and drilling games

Making personal questions for young learners fun

A good balance of stand up and sit down activities

15 variations on TPR for little kids

Finding a balance in the use of competition

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