Business past continuous and personality accusations game

Make one of the accusations below to your partner. Can they think of a good (= innocent) reason why they were doing it?

When I saw you…

…you were downloading file sharing software onto your work computer.

…you were putting a sheaf of blank printer paper into your bag.

…you were reading a social networking site during work time.

…you were wearing shorts and a vest in a business meeting.

…you were sunbathing on a beach after you had phoned in sick.

…you were putting printer ink into your boss’s coffee.

…you were playing brain training games on your Nintendo at your desk.

…you were standing by the water cooler gossiping with all the people who went past.

…you were using the board room to plan a long weekend trip with some of your colleagues.

…you were editing Wikipedia during work time.

…you were walking round outside instead of sitting at your desk.

…you were studying at your desk instead of working.

…you were collecting money off your colleagues.

…you were backpacking around Asia during the time you company had given you off for training and personal development.

What would you really do if you saw a colleague or subordinate doing the things above?

What personality word would you use to describe someone who did the following actions?

1. Shout at someone to stop what they are doing

2. Find out the truth but then keep it to yourself

3. Decide what to do and do it without asking anyone else

4. Keep on thinking about what to do but never come to a decision

5. Tell them exactly what you think about what they are doing

6. Keep on asking until you are sure you have got the truth

7. Bring up the topic of what they were doing later, but in a conversation that is totally unrelated to them

8. Confront them even though they were your boss and you knew they were likely to get angry

9. Make a joke of it

10. Report them so that you are more likely to be promoted than them




Match the personality words below to the descriptions above:

Determined/ Stubborn

Funny/ Amusing/ Witty

Decisive/ Proactive

Brave/ Courageous

Subtle/ Indirect

Discreet/ Secretive

Aggressive/ Loud


Direct/ Honest

Ambitious/ Competitive

How much do you think the words below refer to you? Can you give examples?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Bus past cont personality accusations

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