Convert the sentences transformations back

Objective First Unit 1

Do the sentence transformations below. All can be answered by the root sentences of the tasks in the book, but other answers might be possible.

Mary is not as tall as her brother.


Mary is _________________________________________________________ brother.


These sunglasses were a bit cheaper than my last pair.


These sunglasses cost __________________________________________my last pair.


I preferred your hair when it wasn’t as straight as it is now.


I preferred ___________________________________________________________ hair.


This shoe shop is the least expensive of all the ones I’ve found.


This shoe shop __________________________________________________I’ve found.


At the dinner party, Suzanne was more elegantly dressed than her host.


Suzanne’s host at the dinner was ___________________________________ she was.


Travelling by train is a lot quicker than travelling by car.


It ______________________________________________ to travel by train than by car.


Harry dressed less smartly when he didn’t have a girlfriend.


Harry wears ___________________________________________________ a girlfriend.


That model is not as old as I thought.


That model is only 17 – I __________________________________________________.

Check your answers with the book. Other answers might be possible.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Convert the sentences transformations back