Adjectives and media vocabulary personalisation game

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 6 and 7

 Arrange the words below into columns by whether they are positive, negative or neutral


Do the same by whether they are used with “I feel…” or “It is/ was…”


Choose one of the cards below or from the pack that your teacher has cut up and given you, then either:

à        Make a sentence about yourself that you think your partner might agree with, and then check if that is so

à        Make a sentence that you think is true about your partner and see if it is correct

 boring/ tedious  shocked  confusing/ hard to follow  pleased
 disappointing  upset  interesting/ fascinating/ riveting  convinced
 amusing/ funny/ hilarious  annoyed/ irritated  depressing  surprised/ astonished
 frustrating  tired/ exhausted  worrying  embarrassed
 superb/ fantastic/ marvellous/ amazing/ terrific  terrible/ awful/ dreadful  scary/ frightening/ terrifying  beautiful/ gorgeous/ stunning
 relaxed  expensive  disgusted/ revolted  sentimental


Try to agree on some of the topics below or predict your partner’s opinions (choose any ones you like):

tabloid newspapers

being a couch potato at the weekend

sequels and prequels

special effects

film soundtrack CDs

period movies (= movies set in the past)/ costume dramas


public radio (e.g. BBC, NPR, ABC and your local equivalents)

channel hopping

reality shows

digital radio

soap operas

U and PG-rated films


staying in the cinema until the end of the credits


star signs


celebrity gossip

terrestrial TV

shopping channels

star studded movies

black and white films

rom coms

cop shows

Discuss your opinions of these three things in your groups or as a class



clubs (= nightclubs = discos)

What do you know or what can you guess about the history of the three things at the bottom of the list?


PDF version for easy printing: AdjectivesMediaVocabulary

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