Technical English/ English for engineers games/ worksheets

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Past, present and future inventions vocabulary and speaking

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Future inventions guess the year game

Engineering dimensions and comparing games (including nouns to make uncountable things countable)

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Technical countable/ uncountable nouns game

Technical English mimes

Technical English mimes version 2

Numbers review from computer engineers

Technology vocabulary guessing and discussion

FCE speaking on the future and technology (with future tenses review)

Describing objects

Technical/ Medical regular simple past verb list

Technology find things in common

Computer abbreviations

Inventions guessing game (modals of deduction)

IELTS Speaking Part Two presentations on technology

Other sources

Engineering lesson plans (actually worksheets) on ESL Right Now - NEW LINK

Teaching English to engineers blog

English for Engineers articles (from the British Council – designed for self-study so a little dull and need to be online for the listenings)

English for Engineers and Scientists blog (from Odessa National Polytechnic University – ditto, but with videos)

3 Responses to Technical English/ English for engineers games/ worksheets

  1. Monica Mott says:

    Thank you for your extremely informative posts on technical English for Engineers. I am an ESL teacher, who on ocassion, teaches an occupation specific language course to foreign-trained professionals. I especially liked the games.

  2. Bill George says:

    I taught English for 42 years, thought I had retired, now I’ve been asked to teach English for Computer Science at a new Polytechnic (Fachhochschule). As there seem to be no materials yet,
    I found this site to be a great place to get ideas for active lessons(the students have to stay awake for 3 hours, and so do I!) Thanks a lot.

  3. Carole Lees says:

    Excellent content on specialist topics not normally found in standard tefl books

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