Comparing clothes and accessories random pelmanism

Clothes vocabulary and comparing/ contrasting phrases practice

Objective First Unit 1

Choose two words from below and say at least one similarity between them and at least one difference between those things. Note that some words below have the same meaning as each other, so if you pick those words you will have to think of other differences between them. All comparing phrases used in the game must be different – you cannot copy any phrases that people have used in this game. However, phrases which are just slightly different from comparisons people have made before are fine.

bathrobe bomber jacket business shirt


cap cardigan denim jacket


dress dress shirt dressing gown


engagement ring flip flops glasses
handbag hat headscarf


high heels jacket jeans


jumper leggings long-sleeved T-shirt
pants panty hose pumps


purse sandals satchel


scarf shorts shoulder bag


skirt suit slip-on shoes sneakers


spectacles sports kit sports shoes


stockings suit sunglasses


sweater sweatshirt T-shirt


tie tights tracksuit


trainers trouser suit trousers


undershirt uniform Velcro


vest waistcoat wallet


wedding ring winter scarf wooly scarf


zip zipper  


Ask about any words above which you couldn’t understand, working as a class to make comparisons to other clothes and accessories each time. 

Work together to discuss the similarities and differences between the words below. Note that some have exactly the same meaning.

bathrobe/ dressing gown

bomber jacket/ jumper

business shirt/ dress shirt

cardigan/ sweater

flip flops/ sandals

glasses/ spectacles

handbag/ shoulder bag

cap/ hat

headscarf/ winter scarf

jumper/ sweater

leggings/ tights

long-sleeved T-shirt/ T-shirt

panty hose/ tights

pumps/ slip-on shoes

sports shoes/ trainers

stockings/ tights

sweatshirt/ tracksuit

tracksuit/ trainers

trouser suit

Velcro/ zip

purse/ wallet

winter scarf/ wooly scarf

zip/ zipper

All the words below have more than one meaning, e.g. in British English and American English. Discuss the different meanings together.

bomber jacket





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