IELTS Graduation supplementary worksheets

Supplementary materials for IELTS Graduation. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 14 November 2019

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Unit 4 – Food and health

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Food page

Medical English page


Food and health discussion

Medical vocabulary relative clauses speaking

Medicine discussion

IELTS food trends and speaking

Unit 5 – Natural disasters

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Passives page


Natural disasters speaking

Nature discussion questions

Passives for IELTS

Nature Speaking Part One questions and vocabulary brainstorming

IELTS nature vocabulary trends

IELTS Speaking Part Two about nature

The natural world IELTS Speaking Parts one and three

Unit 6 – Travel and tourism

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Transport page

Travel English page

Hedging/ Generalising page


Different ways of saying travel vocabulary

IELTS speaking on travel and tourism

Travel problems and solutions

Tranport IELTS Speaking Part Two and vocabulary brainstorming

Travel and transport avoiding absolute statements

Transport around the world discussion, listening and generalising

Travel, transport and holidays vocabulary and IELTS Speaking

Units 4 to 6 revision game

1 Response to IELTS Graduation supplementary worksheets

  1. M. Souissy says:

    Wonderful work TEFLTASTIC … Please do keep it up … It is making significant contributions in several ways … There also exist pronunciation issues with reference to the phonotatics + morphotactics of certain lexical items in English onomastics & technical terms in ESP … Thank you .

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