Describing people games/ worksheets

PDFs for appearance, personality, jobs, relationships, etc. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 12 May 2020

Describing people index pages

Jobs vocabulary page

Relationships vocabulary page

Personality page

Appearance vocabulary page

Family vocabulary page

Describing companies and jobs page

Describing people vocabulary lists

British and American describing people vocabulary list – the seventh list here

Photocopiable describing people classroom activities

Suffixes for describing people subject questions quiz (-er, -or, -ee, -ant, -ist, etc) – NEW

Ideal personality guessing game (personality, jobs and relationships vocabulary)

What’s it like? describing people and things bluffing game (Time to Talk Purple S Units 8 and 9)

Cambridge Proficiency Speaking Part Three on relationships

Subject questions guess the person

Describing people vocabulary, speaking and writing (for FCE but also useful for other classes)

An old friend extended speaking

IELTS Speaking parts two and three on friends

Present Simple and Continuous guess the person

Present Simple third person S guess the person

Gender-specific vocabulary

People and society vocabulary and discussion

People around you vocabulary

A person I admire extended speaking

Famous people mini-presentations and discussion

Twins seperated at birth alibi game

People you meet reported speech game

IELTS Speaking Part Two presentations on describing people


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