What is… like? describing people and things bluffing game

Time to Talk Purple (S) Units 8 and 9

Ask your partner “What is… like?” about one of the things below. If they don’t have such a person or thing, they will just use their imagination. Perhaps after asking for more details, guess if their description is true (because they really do have one now) or false (because they were just making the description up).

Suggested follow-up questions

What colour/ shape/… is it?

Is it/ he/ she…?

How big/ old/ heavy/… is it/ he/ she?

What kind of… does he/ she/ it have? 


  • the person who lives above you
  • your CD player
  • your Christmas tree
  • your alarm clock
  • your aunt
  • your balcony
  • your barbecue
  • your blog
  • your cousin
  • your desk
  • your desktop computer
  • your dressing gown
  • your elder brother
  • your favourite actor
  • your great grandmother
  • your great uncle
  • your hero
  • your home phone
  • your pet
  • your printer
  • your sister-in-law
  • your slippers
  • your stepsister
  • your tablet
  • your teapot
  • your youngest sister/ baby sister

Ask about any topics above which you don’t understand, describing that thing or person each time if you do have one.

Brainstorm all the things you could say about an object and all things that you could say about a person.


PDF for easy saving and printing: What is like describing people and things bluffing game

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