IELTS Speaking Part One Vocabulary

Match the sections below to these common Speaking Part One topics (there may be more than one of each topic):


hobbies and free time, work, hometown, family and friends, accommodation, future plans, transport and travel, food and drink, studies, festivals and celebrations,

swot                                   cram                                  take notes

highlighter pen                 finals                                 alumni

detention                           teacher’s pet                      retake/ re-sit

demotion                           on the dole                        downsizing

middle manager

satellite town                     suburb                               dormitory town

my roots                            gentrification                    village

local festival                      rundown                           industrial

stay in                               stay out                             couch potato

telly addict                        window shopping              meet up

go out                                eat out                               hang out with

chill out                             take it easy                        keep busy

generation gap                  adolescent                         teenage rebellion

maiden name                    bachelor/ spinster              grow apart

get on/ get along               engaged                                          tell off

a parade                            a toast                               my 18th

a reunion                          christening                        stag night/ hen night

engagement party            street decorations

a high rise                         top floor                             residential area

easy access                        studio/ bedsit                     halls

natural light

play it by ear                     in the not too distant future

dread                                 look forward to                  sometime soon

sketch it out/ map it out    long term                           the next couple of years

mass transit system          broaden your horizons      park and ride

backpacking                      youth hostel                      hitchhike

tram                                  communication problems

savoury                             traditional dish                 heat it up

cuisine                               pop something in the microwave

knock something up          supper

scrape through                  by heart/ by rote               fresher

postgraduate                     MA                                    MBA

urbanisation                     rural                                  green spaces

commuter town               downtown/ city centre       High Street

town hall                           ring road                           a bypass

separated                          in-laws                              ancestor

descendant                        look up to                          take after

brought up                        maternal grandmother     relatives/ relations

unwind                              obsessed with                    do the dishes

fanatic                               laze around                       rush about

go clubbing                       rush about                        keep fit

tidy up                               wander about                    have a lie in


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