Possessive adjectives games, worksheets and songs (my, your, his, her, our and their)

About 26 “my”, “your”, “his”, “her”, “its”, “our” and “their” PDFs and teaching ideas. If you find anything useful here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 8 June 2022

Teaching possessive adjectives article

How to teach possessive adjectives (with 16 possessive adjective game ideas) – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable possessive adjectives classroom activities

Possessive adjectives brainstorming games

Possessive adjectives and spelling practice

Whose…? possessive adjectives drawing games

Possessives and adjectives pick and draw drawing game

Possessives coin drawing game (for possessive S or possessive adjectives)

Whose is this?/ Whose are these? possessives drawing game (works for either possessive s or possessive adjectives)

Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives pick cards and draw games

Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives disappearing text memory game (with Present Simple verbs and times)

Possessive adjectives drawing game

It is/ They are + my/ your/ his/ her pick cards and draw game (with optional adjectives)

Possessive adjectives songs

My Heart and Your Heart (nice tune and okay YouTube video, and probably short enough to sing along to, although fairly quick)

Possessive adjectives online games

Possessive adjectives online board games (basically just a grammar test, but the nice colours and sounds etc probably make it fun. One player and two player modes. On ESL Games Plus)

Possessive adjectives word order online shuffling games (Not especially game-like and some vocabulary too difficult for kids who are likely to be studying this for this first time, but quite reasonable example sentences so maybe okay for self-study. On LearnEnglishKids.)

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