Inside Out Upper Units 1 and 2 revision

 Test your partner on the words and expressions below, for example about:

collocation                              preposition                             verb pattern

difference                               synonym                                 stand for

(other) meaning                     spell                                        formal/ informal

pronunciation             stress                                      syllables

opposite                                 vowel                                      letter

example                                 another way to say

 mistress  urge  be used to  get used to
 used to  insist  keep  Ms
 regards  colleague  enclose  cheers
 CU  midweek  schedule the foreseeable future
 fit you in  uncanny  subservient  feisty
 hug  clown  compensate  humiliation
 fool around  notorious  chase  cuddle
 dull  in the limelight  it’s a nightmare  see-through
 convent  gorgeous  cosmetic surgery  dread
 keep fit  approve  qualifications  chap
 get on with  stand up to  go off  brunette
 compatible  irritating/ annoying  hopeless at  keen on
 chore  chill out  shattered  on its last legs
 telly  a cuppa  enclose  incidentally
 up to my eyes in…  PS  split up  cottage
 afternoon tea  go out with  half a dozen  to fancy
 on its last legs  backroads  disapprove  miserable
 dump someone  Re  possessions  incidentally
 btw  gash  have an eye on  pastiche
 pay off  newsflash  kidding  self-image
 self-esteem  adore  trainers  fancy
 itchy  snore  sweat  corruption
 marital state  give my regards  get on with  half a dozen


PDF version for easy printing- InsideOutUpperUnit1and2

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