Homophones games, worksheets and lists for EFL learners

Homophones PDFs, teaching tips and lists of words with the same pronunciation. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Articles on teaching homophones

Fun homophones activities

Homophones in EFL classes

Photocopiable homophones classroom activities

Homophones in IELTS Listening simplest responses game (in this bargain e-book) – NEW

Homophones odd one out Elementary

Homophones of words with silent letters reversi memory game

Alphabet homophones and minimal pairs

Lists of homophones

Contractions homophones list (plus a more general pronunciation guide to contractions using the same homophones)

Alphabet pronunciation guide (including homophones, common uses, rhymes and common confusions)

Homophones list by vowel sound (obviously one syllable ones only, because otherwise it all gets a bit silly)

Homophones by level – Elementary

Homophones by Level – Pre-Intermediate

Homophones by level – Intermediate

Homophones by level – Upper Intermediate

Homophones by level – Advanced/ Post-Advanced

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Pronunciation main page

Updated 26 February 2023

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