Xmas mix and match

Present Simple, third person S and Xmas vocabulary 

Make a crazy match from the cards that your teacher gives you and see if your partner can change it to a less crazy version. Your teacher will tell you if each sentence should have two cards or three cards (depending on how your teacher cut up the cards).

Cards to cut up and put together

A bad boy A good girl
A robin An angel
An elf Father
Mother Grandmother
Rudolph Santa
The family The postman
A snowman




brings Christmas cards.
comes down the chimney.
cooks turkey.
decorates the house.
eats carrots.
eats a worm in the snow.
gets no presents from Santa.
gets presents from Santa.
has a carrot nose.
has a red nose.
has a white beard.
kisses mother under the mistletoe.
lives in the North Pole.
makes toys.
pulls Santa’s sleigh.
sits on top of the Christmas tree.
wears green clothes.
writes Christmas cards.


PDF for easy saving and printing: xmas-mix-and-match

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