Talking about a TV programme or series extended speaking

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 6

Listen to your partner talk about one TV programme or series and tick any topics below that they talk about. When they run out of things to say, ask them questions about other topics, e.g. ones below that they haven’t mentioned.

 When it is on

 What channel it is on

 How long it is

 What genre of programme it is (= What kind of programme it is)

 Similar programmes and how it is different from them

 How often you watch it

 When you first started watching it

 Other people who watch it

 Other people’s opinion of it

 Who you would recommend it to

 The best and worst things about it

 Who appears on it (actors, presenters, newsreaders, guests etc)

 Programmes that are on before and after it

 Programmes that are on at the same time on other channels

 Why you watch it

 What you learn/ have learnt from it

 How it could be improved

 How well known it is

 Its ratings

 Best ever moments

 Cable/ Satellite/ Terrestrial

 Available on DVD?

 Other programmes from the same people or on the same channel

 Still on? Likely to be continue for long?

 Getting more or less popular?

 Made anyone famous?


PDF for easy saving and printing: TelevisionExtendedSpeaking

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