Emailing and telephoning games/ worksheets

Updated 25 May 2016

This section is for worksheets combining these two vital distance communication skills. For each of those skills individually, see:

Emailing main page

Telephoning main page

Email and telephone photocopiable classroom activities

Travel English telephone, email and face to face dice game – NEW

Travel situations email and telephone roleplays (with travel collocations and functional language)

Different kinds of business communication meeting criteria board game

Telephone, email or face to face functional language dice game

Communication challenges dice game (including other kinds like face to face too)

Emailing and telephoning collocations

Emailing and telephoning determiners pairwork

Email/ telephone/ letter SMS comparatives pairwork game

Emailing or telephoning guessing game and lower level version and higher level version

Business problems mini-roleplays

Email and telephone needs analysis

Telephone and email politeness competition game

Telephone and email spot the difference pairwork


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