Turn taking and active listening game

Work in groups of three or four. One of your partners will give a three-minute mini-presentation on their opinions on, knowledge of and experiences of a topic that they choose. While they are speaking, use active listening and turn taking phrases to react to what they say, encourage them to speak more, interrupt, etc. The other people in your group will listen and give you one point for any time you speak while your partner is speaking with a new turn taking or active listening phrase. You get no points for speaking while your partner is silent, for repeating a phrase that you have already used or for just speaking over your partner without using specific phrases, but even slightly different phrases or slightly speaking over your partner get one point. When three minutes is up, the other person or people in your group will tell you how many points you got and tell you what you could have done to get more points. If there are four or more people in your group, your score is the average of the scores from the people listening.

Change roles and do the same again with other topics until your teacher stops the game. The person who has most points in a single round during the game wins.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Turn taking and active listening game